Wellington with kids

With only two days to spend, we found Wellington to be a very child friendly city with a lot to offer. Staying at the Booklovers B&B on the top of Pirie Street made the Hop Garden an easy walk for our first dinner. Lovely places, and great service to our children.

On our first full day we took Pauline’s (the very nice breakfast making lady at the bnb) advice and opted for a big walk, as the weather was very fine. She said you never know what tomorrow brings, and be sure to take advantage of the sun when it’s out. So, from our guesthouse we walked to the playground just behind the house, before we walked through the woods and spotted our first location from the Hobbit (as pointed out by our landlady Jane). Very exciting! Magnificent view of the city was given to us as we climbed towards Victoria Mt. We had the stroller with us, so we didn’t go all the way up, but far enough!

On our way down to the Ocean walkway we had some splendid views again. We found our second playground which was handily accompanied by a coffee shop, and both parents and kiddies were happy. Walked along the waterfront and, oohh, yet again a playground! Quick stop, this time. Continued towards the CBD, and what did we find? A playground!


So, for the real adventure. The cable car! Great fun, and easy access for the stroller. At the top we proceeded to the Botanical gardens, and yes you guessed it, the playground. A really great playground that is! So, in all we managed five playgroundes in one day, without really looking for them. Not bad :)

We made our way through the lovely Botanical Gardens, going down the hill we had just come up. The rose garden was beautiful, and in 2016 there will even be a children’s garden within the garden itself. Sounds like a good plan.

On the next day we woke to a grey morning, and sent a big smile to Pauline. Perfect for Te Papa Museum! We lined up to enter the plane and take a photo in the cockpit, before entering the Museum. Entrance is free, and the gift shop on the ground floor is really great. The museum itself was also very good, and great for kids.

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